Club Policies

Electronic Device Policy

Discrete use of email and text (but not voice) on mobile devices is allowed throughout the Clubhouse and the Pool area so long as, in the opinion of club management, it does not interfere with the enjoyment of the facilities by another member or guest.  Mobile devices must be kept on silent or vibrate at all times.  Phone calls may be made or received in the parking lot, locker rooms, the Pool area or the Private Dining Room.  Such calls are expected to be short, occur only when necessary, and the use of headphones is encouraged, except in the parking lot or Private Dining Room. Mobile device or tablet usage for children (on silent or with headphones) is allowed in the Family Friendly Dining Areas of the Club (Hendrick’s Bar, Grille Room, and Grille Terrace area in front of the Grille Room) and in the Pool area.  Discrete tablet usage for adults (on silent) is also allowed in these areas in the Hudson Room and in the Pool area.  Tablet usage will not be allowed in the Formal Dining Areas of the Club (Founder’s Room, Rallye Room, Chapel) unless approval is received from the General Manager for use during a Holiday or Club Event.  The use of laptop computers is allowed in the Private Dining Room and at the Pool area.  The use of laptop computers is prohibited in all other areas of club property.

Private Dining Room Available for Member Business Usage

The Private Dining Room is available for member business use including phone calls, laptop, tablet, mobile and other electronic device use when not being used for events or other Club business. Please reach out to Ben to schedule time for the use of this room.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is not allowed in the Clubhouse or Terraces except in the area outside the Member’s entrance to the Clubhouse.   This policy applies to both conventional and electronic/vaping smoking devices.


Your Board of Governors has relaxed the dress code such that jackets are recommended for men and boys on weekends in the formal dining areas and country club casual is permitted everywhere else. Women are also now allowed to wear white denim pants in the Clubhouse with the exception of formal occasions and Holiday events.*

Access to the Clubhouse, Little House and Sports facilities will not be permitted to members, children and guests who are improperly attired. At the direction of The Board of Governors, the Club's staff will infer this code. Gentlemen and boys are required to remove hats, caps and visors in the Clubhouse dining facilities.


Casual Dining Areas (Grille Room, Grille Terrace, Hendrick’s Bar, Hudson Room):

Country club casual:
Men and Boys: Tucked-in collared shirts, mock or other turtlenecks, Bermuda length shorts or dress denim.
Women and girls: Dresses, skirts, slacks, Bermuda length shorts or dress denim.

  • Dress denim includes: solid white, dark blue or black denim pants and is only allowed in the casual dining areas of the clubhouse at all times except during      Saturday dinner dining hours (after 6pm).
  • Women and girls are allowed to wear solid white denim skirts and pants.
  • Women and girls may not wear blue denim skirts or jackets. Other colors are permitted.
  • All denim must of uniform color, not faded, torn, ripped or shredded and without frayed bottoms.
  • Golf and tennis attire are permitted in the casual areas of the clubhouse except during formal occasions and holiday events.
  • During paddle season only, for those who are using the paddle facilities, paddle attire (except t-shirts) is allowed in Hendricks Bar (except (i) during dinner hours on Friday and Saturday evenings after 6pm unless there is a specifically designated paddle event or twilight, and (ii) during formal occasions) and is allowed in the clubhouse locker rooms (at all times).
  • Swimwear is permitted in transition to and from the Pool area and the locker rooms in the clubhouse. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult in the locker rooms at all times. Cover-ups, shirts and footwear are required when walking to and from the pool to the clubhouse.
  • Men must use the member’s entrance next to the pro shop to access the Men’s locker room when wearing swimwear.
  • Women must use the clubhouse entrance next to the Chapel to access the Women’s locker room when wearing swimwear.
  • Swimwear is not permitted anywhere else in the clubhouse or at the sports facilities.
  • Members and guests may not use the front entrance of the clubhouse while wearing swimwear. This is prohibited and will be strictly enforced.

Formal Dining Areas (Founder’s Room Rallye Room, Chapel):

The dress requirement is country club casual as defined above except no denim of any kind is allowed in the formal dining areas of the Club. Jackets are strongly encouraged for men and boys 14 years of age and older on weekend evenings. For all formal occasions and holiday events, men and boys over the age of fourteen must wear a jacket and women and girls must wear a dress, skirt or slacks. Please refer to advertised flyer for dress codes for formal occasions and holiday events.


Golf Course and Practice Areas:

MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN: Long pants, Bermuda shorts, skirts, dresses of acceptable lengths. Men and boys must wear TUCKED-IN collared golf shirts or mock-turtleneck shirts. Caps must be worn front forward. Acceptable footwear includes approved spike less shoes, teaching shoes, tennis shoes, and golf shoes fitted with non-metal spikes.

Tennis Courts:
Proper tennis attire and smooth soled tennis shoes are required for players of all ages, including guests.

Men and boys: Collared Tennis shirts and shorts that are designed and marketed specifically for tennis are required. Sleeveless shirts are not appropriate, and neither are t-shirts, golf shirts, shirts with writing, cutoffs, Bermuda or golf shorts, jogging shorts, gym shorts, basketball shorts, soccer shorts, swimsuits, or tank tops.

Women and girls: Proper attire for women includes appropriate tennis tops that are designed and marketed specifically for tennis, and which may be sleeveless. Shirts with writing are not appropriate. Proper attire also includes tennis shorts and tennis skirts. Spandex and leggings must be worn with a tennis skirt over them.

All-White tennis attire with a slight trim is required during official interclub matches for adults and children. Guests and visiting teams included.

Final determination of what constitutes proper tennis attire and shoes will be made by the tennis professional and the tennis committee and will be reviewed at the end of the season.



MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN: Swimsuits and swimwear are permitted only at the pool facility.

Junior Activities:

Tennis and Golf Clinics: Our young members are expected to learn and comply with the Club’s dress code listed above.



Men, Women and Children:

Denim jeans (other than dress denim as defined above), jean shorts, denim shirts and blue denim skirts, cargo pants, cargo shorts, short shorts, cut off pants and sleeves, undershirts, hoodies, sweatshirts,
t-shirts, uncollared shirts (for men and boys), halters, bare midriffs, spandex, yoga pants, non-tennis or golf athletic-wear and running attire (except that hoodies, sweat shirts, t-shirts and uncollared shirts are allowed at the Pool area and when in transit from the pool to the clubhouse locker rooms). Men and boys must remove hats, caps, and visors in the clubhouse and on the Grille and Rallye Terraces.

Access to the Clubhouse and Sports facilities will not be permitted to members, children and guests who are improperly attired. At the direction of The Board of Governors, the Club’s staff will enforce this code.



Please make sure that your guests are aware of and abide by all of these policies when visiting Ardsley Country Club. The dress code policy will be monitored and strictly enforced by the Clubhouse Management Staff, the Golf and Tennis Professionals and Staff and the Pool Director.